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Welcome to Fifth Grade

The month of November was full of blessings. 


The highlight of the month for the fifth graders was being able to have a Thanksgiving feast with their TK buddies.  They brought lots of different types of food from fried chicken to pumpkin pie. They ate until they couldn’t eat any more :) 

Besides the Thanksgiving feast, the fifth graders also worked on several art projects in November.  They helped their little buddies make a Thanksgiving Art Mobile with all the things they were thankful for and they sure enjoyed being able to paint together. 

As part of their Social Studies unit, the fifth graders started their explorers unit.  As a project, they were separated into pairs and had to create a Viking ship to symbolize the start of Exploration to the New World.  They enjoyed being able to test their ships to see how much weight their ships could hold.

The fifth graders definitely had a lot to be thankful for this past month and cannot wait to see what December will be like.


Mrs. Irene Muliadi