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Welcome to Kindergarten

November and December Happenings 


Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Kindergarten! 


During the month of November, kindergarten had many opportunities to thank God for all that He has blessed us with. We thanked God, for the saints, all creation, families, friends, teachers, school, firefighters, veterans and most of all, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Before Thanksgiving we had a small feast. Kindergarten enjoyed doing our Thanksgiving arts and crafts and work that went along with the Thanksgiving theme. 


During the month of November, we celebrated the Native American culture. Kindergarten listened to Native American legends and did projects to go along with the story. Their favorite story was titled “Raven the Trickster”. We also celebrated Mickey Mouse’s Birthday. 

At the end of November, kindergarten began to prepare for the season of Advent. We learned about the colors we see and how many weeks Advent is. We learned what Advent means and who we are preparing for. 


Yes, November was a busy and exciting month - But the month of December held many opportunities for kindergarten to experience God’s wonderful gift of Jesus and the traditions that go along with this “Wonderful Season”! Kindergarten made a variety of arts and crafts embracing Advent as well as St. Nicholas aka Santa Claus and the other characters of this magical time of the year. The students enjoyed breakfast with Miss Santa(steven). Had did a great job collecting socks for our Christian Service Project supporting the Sisters of the Holy Faith Margaret Aylward Center. 


Ms. Andrea Santisteven