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Welcome to Kindergarten


September Happenings 

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Kindergarten! 

It has been a great start to kindergarten! We have done a lot of learning and exploring during the month of September. Here is a peek into what we have learned. 

Kindergarten learned that each of them is a special gift from God and that He has blessed us with creation. They also learned that Jesus is their best friend and He teaches us to “Follow in His Footsteps!” 

They've learned about Johnny Appleseed, and how he was a caretaker of God’s earth. They learned that he shared by planting apple trees. 

Kindergarten thanked God for their five senses and used them as they explored being good scientists. They watched in awe as we mixed colors to make new colors. They tasted many different apple items during our Johnny Appleseed Tasting Party. They used their sense of hearing as they followed directions and listened to stories. 

They’ve learned that shapes and colors are everywhere and that we can create masterpieces using them. 

Kindergarten is beginning to learn that stories have characters, settings, and a plot. We are also learning when we put sounds together we can make and read words. 

Kindergarten is learning that we must respect each other and work together to become good citizens. 



Ms. Andrea Santisteven