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Welcome to Second Grade

❄ Our Month of December ❄

We packed in so much fun in this short December month!  As we started our new Christian year we decided to reflect on what each Advent candle meant to us.  We wrote about what we hope for in the new year, how we can promote peace,  what brings us joy in life, how we can show our love, and why Jesus Christ is important to us. We fully enjoyed our Christmas play and sang The Little Drummer Boy!  Through our song choice we learned that we can give Jesus the gift of love and share our talents with others.  


In Math, we have completed our unit of money.  Students enjoyed writing and grouping coins on their desks to find different ways to make a dollar.  They also put their brains to the test as they used trial and error to find the fewest amount of coins to make a given amount! We used the iPads to see which team could find the fewest coins and reflected on how our mistakes help us learn!


In Reading, we are super detectives when it comes to using our context clues!  We know that rereading can help us retrace what happened in the story and give us a new perspective. 


We also put our engineering brains to work as we were challenged to make a gumdrop tower only using gumdrops and toothpicks.  We didn't give up and found new ways to build our towers! We learned that we needed to create a base at the bottom in order to build higher.

As our month together came to a close we celebrated with an amazing Christmas party and ornament exchange. We had so much fun and made a toast to loving second grade and starting our new Christian year! 


Ms. Marissa Ramos