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Welcome to Second Grade

💗 Our Month of February 💗


This month has been packed with fun and celebrating! 


The Beginning of the Lenten Season

We started our Lenten season by attending mass and receiving our ashes. We learned how to prepare ourselves for Easter and the importance of giving, praying, fasting, and repenting.  We talked as a class of what we can give up for our 40 days of lent and how we are giving up something in order to make room for Jesus. 

Love for Australia - Service Project

We accomplished our goal of raising money to aid Australian wildlife. We created bookmarks and notebooks to sell. We came together as a class to make sure our sale went well and we were happy to send what we could to foundation! We realized that our hard work paid off as we raised more than we aimed for, to donate to the wildlife.  We will continue our prayers for Australia.

The 100th Day of School

We also celebrated the 100th day of school this month and got to celebrate by doing 100 small things in class. We were surprised to see our classroom split up into 10 different stations, in which each station had its own activity. It was a fun day of celebrating our time so far in second grade!


Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day we learned about Saint Valentine and how he became a saint.  We also learned about our own heart! In our health- science activity we timed how quickly our heart beats when we are resting and when we are moving around.  We were impressed by how hard our heart works every second of our lives and made a valentine for our heart. At the end we passed out our own valentines to everyone.  Love was in the air!


Pokemon Day

We got excited for Pokemon day and were inspired in our writing and artwork. In English, we wrote our “How to” articles based on how to raise, train, or care for a Pokemon.  We worked hard to make sure we gave our readers (new trainers) the right steps, we drafted, and proofread before typing out our articles. We also learned how to draw Pikachu step by step.  We used watercolors to paint and outlined after in marker.

Our Day at Medieval Times

We also attended a medieval feast and show at Medieval Times!  The whole school attended the field trip and we learned about the code of chivalry.  As knights, we should be kind, respectful, and protective of others. “We must respect all those we live with.”  Our field trip has inspired fun activities in English and phonics. We have enjoyed listening to renaissance music while we work too!


Ms. Marissa Ramos