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First Grade

January is here and as we embark on this New Year, students are showing their growth.  We have been working on mathematical concepts such as greater than, less than and equal to.  We have also been practicing  telling time and working with money and place value.  

      We also had Open House and our students showcased their learning of the moon and stars.  It was a very fun unit in which students had an opportunity to learn all about why we see stars at night? why the moon changes its shape? and constellations (specially the Big Dipper). 
      In our mission to develop our students' spirituality we had Father Matthew visit and explain the importance of prayer in order to develop a close relationship with God.  He emphasized that through prayer we speak to God and make our bond with him stronger. 

      Catholic Schools' Week was also a great highlight for the month of January.  Students not only showed their school spirit but also had the opportunity to make a craft and play a game of hula hoop pass in which the students learned about teamwork with Second grade. On career day, we were treated to a visit from one of our parents who spoke to our class about being a dog groomer.  The students were very impressed by her and had lots of fun asking questions, like What's the biggest dog you have groomed? and What's the hardest dog to bathe and groom? I even learned a few tips! 

Can't wait to share with you our adventures in February!  


Mrs. Martha Gunter