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Welcome to Third Grade


Mrs. Lisa Derleth




THIRD GRADE:  Land Biomes Project


The THIRD GRADE class was proud to present their LAND BIOMES PROJECT at our Catholic Schools Week Open House on January 26!  


Each student chose a land biome:  desert, temperate or tropical grassland, temperate forest or tropical rain forest, or arctic tundra.  The students used their science books, and did a little bit of independent research on the internet, to gather information about their biome.  Next, the students organized their information on an outline provided by the teacher. Then the students used the information on their outline, and wrote a rough draft of a 4 paragraph informational essay  about their biome.  The rough draft was corrected and edited, and the second draft was typed on Google Docs.  The second draft was again corrected and edited, and a final draft was published and printed from Google Docs.


Each student created a diorama of their biome.  The purpose of the diorama was to give the onlooker some understanding of what your biome was like, and had to include at least one plant and at least one animal.  The dioramas were made from shoe boxes, using construction paper, cardstock, popsicle sticks, glue, tape, crayons, markers, water colors, etc. I wanted everyone to know that my students themselves had made these dioramas!


The last step was an Oral Presentation.  Each student gave an Oral Presentation in front of the class, and presented their diorama.  This project involved standards in Science, ELA (Writing/Speaking and Listening) and Visual Arts.  WAY TO GO THIRD GRADE!!!  GOOD JOB!