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Our School Philosophy

St. John of God Catholic School, as a multi-cultured faith community, accepts its responsibility to share with its students the Good News, while teaching Catholic values, virtues and doctrine. While recognizing the role of parents as the primary educators, we are dedicated to creating a Christian atmosphere that fosters and develops the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

We earnestly desire our students to be fully integrated and self-reliant young people who are aware of their Christian responsibilities to their baptismal call. Students are encouraged to demonstrate total commitment and witness to their Catholic faith by serving and ministering to all God’s people.

We seek to have our students grow in an environment that contributes to their physical well-being and appreciation of their unique worth.  All members of the school community are challenged to work to their academic and creative potential. We endeavor to develop good study skills, self discipline, a sense of intellectual curiosity, and wonder and appreciation of the total environment.

As a faith community, we desire our students to be fully conscious and aware of the splendor and beauty of the world and their role in creation. We foster a sense of Christian service for both Saint John of God Parish and the wider community