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Mrs. Elizabeth Mendez, M.A. Ed.


  Welcome to Saint John of God School! l am blessed to have extremely dedicated teachers, wonderful students, supportive and involved parents as part of our Saint John of God School community. I know that for many families a Catholic School Education is a privilege, one that requires sacrifice.  I have thanked my parents many times for choosing to place me in a faith-filled Catholic school community that gave me a strong foundation of great values, academic rigor, and lasting friendships.


  Thank you for choosing Catholic Education for your children.  Thank you for choosing faith to be a part of your daily family life and for trusting us, the dedicated teachers and staff here at Saint John of God to help guide your children through the most important years of their lives. I truly believe in Catholic Schools.  I have had the most beautiful experiences in Catholic School Education.  I love teaching and the values I have been able to instill in my students throughout the years. My vision for Saint John of God is to uphold a strong faith development for our students, create lifelong learners, and promote academic excellence through innovation.  This is only possible with a team of staff and teachers that share the same love of Christ and genuine enthusiasm working with your children. Rest assured the love of Christ is here and the dedication to enrich each student's life both academically and spiritually is always present.




E. Mendez, Principal