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Junior High Fun!

February- Month of Adventures


February turned into an exciting month of adventures and learning for our Junior High students. Students were able to experience and participate in two field trips this month that helped enhance their learning. 


This year, 5-8th Grade students participated in Knott’s Berry Farm Engineering Day 2020. This is an annual event hosted at Knott’s Berry Farm where roller coaster/ride designers, engineers, and testers share their experiences, the history of thrill rides, and what it takes to become a ride designer and engineer. Students got to see how roller coasters started and the science and mechanics behind most of their favorite rides. But the best part of the day was after the presentation, student had some time to actually experience the rides at the park and see what they learned put into practice. It was a fun filled day, and hopefully inspired some future engineers. 


We also went on a school wide spirit trip to Medieval Times in Buena Park. Students were first given a presentation where they were taught about the qualities of chivalry, how to treat others with kindness and respect, and how their actions can affect others. We also got to see a jousting competition and tournament. In their World History Studies, students learn about the European Medieval period, so this field trip will be a wonderful learning experience that they can recall in future studies. 


Getting students out of the classroom for these types of learning experiences is a true blessing, and one that we are all grateful for. 


Ms. Rose Mathews